Clearview Stoves Door Rope & Adhesive Kit

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Product Description

A Rope and adhesive kit for the door of your clear view stove.

Clearview Stoves Door Rope & Adhesive Kit
Kit contains enough rope to seal the door, and a tube of high quality adhesive.

There are three kits available, to fit all models of Clearview Stoves.

The Pioneer Rope Kit is suitable for: Pioneer 400, Pioneer 400p, Pioneer Oven, Solution 400.

The Vision Rope Kit is suitable for: Vision 500, Vision Inset, Solution 500

The 650/ 750 Kit is suitable for: Clearview 650, Clearview 750 (kit contains rope for both doors)

Please select your stove from the drop down selection above. If you are unsure which stove model you have, please contact us and we can assist you.



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Stove Model

Pioneer 400/ Pioneer 400p / Pioneer Oven/ Solution 400, Vision 500/ Vision Inset/ Solution 500, Clearview 650/ Clearview 750

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