Clearview Stoves Stainless Steel Domestic Boiler

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Clearview Stoves Domestic Boiler

The Pioneer 400, 400p, Vision 500 and Vision Inset Can all be fitted with a domestic boiler suitable for hot water.

The boilers replace the fire bricks, can be retro fitted and removed without needing to change the stove.

Domestic hot water boilers for all of our stoves are made from stainless steel. The Pioneer, Inset and Vision boilers are all tested to 20 psi. This is considerably higher than the pressure of a domestic central heating system. However, it is strongly recommended that all systems are pressure tested prior to water being filled. The domestic boiler should be gravity run only.

Care should be taken when fitting the boiler to ensure air cannot be trapped in the boiler itself. The flow pipe should be at the top of the boiler. All boilers connect to 28mm/ 1 inch pipes.  Glass rope is used to provide a gasket between the hole in the stoves and the pipes, and should be wound in a clockwise direction.

Pioneer 400 & 400p

The Pioneer 400 & 400p can be fitted with a small domestic boiler equivalent to 8000BTU

Vision Inset

The Inset can be fitted with a small 8000BTU boiler. The Inset Boiler is only suitable with the Standard Inset and cannot be used with the Inset Deep. If you are unsure which model you have, please get in touch before purchase 02844811783

Vision 500

The Vision 500 domestic boiler is 10000BTU.

All boilers supplied with fibreglass rope, washers and nuts.

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Stove Model

Pioneer 400 / 400P, Vision Inset, Vision 500

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