Clearview Stove Thermometer

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A Clearview stove thermometer helps to ensure the stove is running at it’s best. It prevents over burning, but also ensures the stove and flue are burning at the optimum temperature to maintain efficiency

Clearview Stove Thermometer

Clearview highly recommend the use of a surface thermometer as it allows you to monitor the surface temperature, and therefor performance of your stove.

Stove temperatures of 121ºC or less indicates low smouldering fire resulting in dirty glass, and high smoke emission.

Stove temperatures of 204ºC – 260ºC indicate hot fire, burning efficiently & cleanly.

Stove temperatures on 348ºC and above should be avoided to prevent stove overheating, which may damage your stove.

A good average temperature is around 500ºF/ 260ºC

The Clearview Stove Thermometer is ideally placed in the centre, above the doors on the body of the stove.
If you are monitoring stove temperature for cooking, your thermometer can be placed on the top.

This is a genuine Clearview product

Can be used on any brand of stove



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