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Classic readyClassic in Action                        Kamado Joe Big Joe 24"

For thousands of years, clay ovens have been used to prepare food around the world. These wonderful appliances are a modern slant on the concept. A Kamado Joe will grace any outdoor living space, and will become the unit of choice to replace the oven, BBQ and smokers of today. With lumpwood charcoal, slow cooking for hours on end is easily possible, but the retention of juices in the food will be second to none. The smoky flavour of the charcoal will be something you will not forget in a hurry.  The Kamado can be used as a smoker by adding wood chips, an ordinary BBQ grill, and even a pizza oven. Such a versatile product, with a robust build for many many years service, the common long wait times for delivery for such a fabulous piece of kit are justified. If we have stock, snap them up. With celebrity chefs raving about them, and features in garden shows and tv slots, the demand is huge.


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